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A Brief History

The present Village Hall was opened on 1st October 1983 after intense efforts over a three year period by the residents of our two villages. A copy of the commemorative handout from that day can be downloaded here and it also outlines the history dating back to 1950 when the original Village Hall was built by Reepham Parish Council.

The committee's main objective when considering proposals for a new Village Hall was to ensure that the main hall was able to accommodate 200 for music and dancing and preferably have a sprung hardwood floor. Unfortunately, funding remained very tight despite the many fund raising activities, one of which was a 'Buy a Brick' campaign and a copy of one of the sticker sheets can be downloaded here. Whilst both objectives were achieved this meant it was not possible to incorporate a lounge and bar or undertake any surfacing to the car park at that time. Funding raising efforts continued and the lounge, bar and store room was added in 1991 and surfacing of the frontage car park was completed in 1994.

The Hall continues to be a popular venue and hiring receipts are constantly being used to maintain and update the building and facilities. The main hall was subjected to a comprehensive refurbishment in 2011 and the latest project to convert all lighting in the Hall to LED’s was completed in 2017.


Reepham & Cherry Willingham Village Cash Draw

The Village Hall Cash Draw (Your Local Lottery) is run for the benefit of the residents of both Reepham and Cherry Willingham by contributing towards associated running costs and maintenance of the Hall.

The Cash Draw runs for two 20 weeks periods during the year, commencing from February and August , each member pays £5.00 for each period, there are two winners drawn for each week of the first 19 weeks and prizes of £100.00 and £20.00 on the final weeks. 

The Cash Draw winning numbers are drawn regularly in public and a list of prize winners is published in the Reepham and Cherry Willingham village magazines.

If anybody is interested in joining the Cash Draw please contact the promoter, Mike Stafford on 01522 751238 (Mobile: 07724 842572). Payments can be made in either cash or by direct debit or fill in our online form.

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